International meeting of the LabEx CORTEX - 6/7 June 2019 - Lyon FRANCE

Lyon and Surrounds

We encourage you to allow a little time around your visit to Lyon for exploring. Lyon is an ancient roman city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the self-proclaimed French capital of Gastronomy.


ONLYLYON: The tourist information site in English is here.


In order to help you to plan your visit to Lyon, here are a few notes on the city and its surrounds that might be of use. The links are to information sites in English. We know that a few of you may come with families, so we have noted a few family-friendly options.

Suggestions and places of interest:

In Lyon

Fourvière and the Roman Amphitheatres

The ancient roman centre was Lugdunum at the top of the hill. You can visit the restored roman amphitheatres, the Gallo-Roman museum, the Basilica of Fourvière, and there are magnificent views across the city towards the Alps.

Vieux Lyon

The preserved medieval old town is one of the largest remaining in Europe. Of particular note are the Traboules – sneaky hidden passageways through, between and under the original buildings, built by silk workers.

Musée Miniature & Cinéma

A fun and quirky museum, and excellent for kids. There is a huge collection of crafted miniature scenes, and a great collection of cinematic artefacts, including props, models and many items built around physical special effects.

Musée Lumière

Lyon is the birthplace of the Lumière brothers, cinematic pioneers and developers of the Cinématographe. This excellent museum in their magnificent family home is worth the visit. Also good for children.

Berges du Rhône

The city has renovated the banks of its two rivers to make long parks very pleasant for walking, jogging and the family. The Quai du Rhône is the larger, with a number of restaurants and bars in the form of barges moored along the park. From here you can walk to…

Parc de la Tête D’Or & Zoo

Lyon’s grand park on the north end of the Quai du Rhone, a large green space with playgrounds, botanical gardens and a zoo.

Les bouchons

If you want the local food experience, seek out a bouchon, one of the traditional local restaurants. This is not refined gastronomy and not for the vegetarians, being heavy on offal and pork – but it can be worth it for the experience (feel free to ask – you need to seek out a genuine bouchons).

Les étoiles

If that grant money is just hanging too heavy around your neck, Lyon is blessed with a concentration of some of the finest Michelin starred restaurants in France. We’re happy to point you in the right direction…

Musée des Beaux-Arts

In the very heart of the city, a large, rich, and varied art museum

Musée des Confluences 

Sitting at the point of confluence of the Rhône and the Saône is the building that has divided the Lyonnais with its modernist architecture and eye-watering budget. It houses a natural history and anthropology museum, and is at the tip of the architecturally diverse and still developing confluence quarter.

Outside Lyon

Wine regions

Lyon is located at the crossroads of famous wine regions – with Burgundy and Beaujolais to the north, and the many famous wines of the Rhône valley to the south.


A short drive to the east and you arrive at the heart of Savoie and the French Alps with all of the magnificent possibilities that they bring from great climbing to excellent cheese. A little closer but no less beautiful are the Jura mountains.


If you need any help or suggestions, we are of course happy to assist as much as we can to help you discover our region.

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